B-HIVE, an Innovative company network

B-hive is a European fintech ecosystem that brings together all the technology companies that can offer tech services to the financial world (‘tech4fin’).


All technology providers that fall under the heading 'tech4fin':

  • Cybersecurity

  • Payments

  • Lending

  • crowdfunding

  • Data analytics and artificial intelligence

  • Internet of things

  • Distributed ledger technology

  • Accounting, taxes & legal support

What can you expect?

In the current technological world, it is often difficult to break through for a small company. Event tough technology allows international products to be delivered immediately, it is difficult to break through when you are alone. B-hive wants to support these startup companies by building a complete ecosystem that encompasses all the necessary elements to grow: a large international community, investment funds, educational partners, access to government and regulators, guidance for business development, etc.

How do we deal with this?

  • B-hive stimulates knowledge sharing between members,

  • B-hive helps to establish bilateral contacts (partnerships, customers, ...) and supports international growth of companies.

  • B-hive organizes domain-oriented programs and events where specific introductions are made between companies based on their needs.

'B-Hive is proud to be an  IBN '

'B-Hive is proud to be an IBN'