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Open Office Hours: Robo-Advisors with Roland Berger (1st April 2019)

Roland Berger has led many projects for the main Belgian and European financial services firms in the past years, mainly focusing on the impact of digitization on their businesses. The topic of robo-advisors in Private banking has been the latest focus area for Roland Berger and has led to the publication of a study on the topic, together with Easyvest, founder of one of the first robo-advisors.

>       25+% of our global revenues

>       Project experience with all major players in Belgium

If your FinTech has questions about Robo-advisors, which you have always been willing to ask, sign up for a time slot on April 1st with Frederick Van Gysegem, Senior Project Manager at Roland Berger and Corentin Scavée, CFO and founder at Easyvest, who co-produced the study.

Roland Berger has been a partner of B-Hive for a while, giving support in the bi-yearly production of the B-Lens. They are offering their insights to interested FinTechs of the B-Hive member community. Sign up for a slot in the Open Office Hours (OOH) of April 1st

More about Roland Berger

Roland Berger is a leading global European consultancy with deep expertise in financial services supported by 100+ partners, principals and managers worldwide.

It was founded in 1967 in Germany and has grown to become a major consulting player with 50 offices in 36 countries and around 2,400 employees.

Digital transformation is a core skill and is complemented by "Terra Numerata", an open platform founded by Roland Berger, offering partnerships with digital leaders.


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