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#FinAndTonic - Blockchain

Blockchain, or broader: Distributed Ledger Technology, is taking the world by storm. Although Bitcoin (the best known Blockchain implementation) is still struggling for mass adoption, the technology behind it is opening eyes world wide. As often the case, the domains closest to the initial discovery are the first movers, meaning that the Financial Services industry has already devoted quite a lot of energy in researching this promising technology. However, the initial Bitcoin use case encountered too many obstacles: from scalability, to security, to real legal issues. While the technology is coming up with solutions for these issues, the financial world is reorienting its view on Blockchain, and is actively searching for other (less high profile) use cases. Because make no mistake: Distributed Ledger Technology will change the landscape of Financial Services and far beyond...

Various blockchain events (shout out to our friends at Blockchain Vlaanderen), conferences and consortiums (R3, Hyperledger) are popping up, generating the media attention that Blockchain deserves. 
So what is the impact on our Eggsplore ecosystem? Should all companies have at least one Blockchain developer (next to the mandatory A.I. developer, of course)? Is Belgium ready for the Blockchain revolution? And what are the expectations of the Financial World for Blockchain?
Through a set of 3 keynote presentation, we want to give you a sense of the story behind Blockchain. And even more important, they will spark the conversations during the networking afterwards, in this special "FinAndTonic... on the blocks!" edition.


  • Koen Vingerhoets (KBC)

  • Dirk Avau (

  • Gaston Hendriks (Quantoz)

About the Eggsplore conference

For those of you wondering, we have decided to postpone our Nov 3 conference. We have some ambitious projects in the pipeline. We prefer to wait until they fully materialize, to organize a large scale event where they can be part of the program. More info will follow soon!