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Startup Weekend Ghent - Open & Shared Data

Startup Weekend is back – inspiring data-driven innovation in Ghent!

54 Hours of Testing your Idea, using Open or Shared Data-sets. Are you in?

Data is the crude oil of the 21th century! Open and shared datasets are fueling the creation of dozen new startups as we speak!

Have you ever considered it might be the missing link for your one-of-a-kind idea?

An idea that would change the way we buy things? Or one that could impact the sharing economy? Might it change our views on how we see assets such as infrastructure?

Here’s your opportunity to transform your thoughts into action. Startup Weekend Open & Shared Data is a 54-hour hackathon to test your concept and kickstart your own startup venture.

You can choose from the following topics:

Sharing economy;
Infrastructure, city and buildings.

Find folks with the appropriate skills, passion and dedication, able to assist you in turning your genious idea in a product or service.

During the weekend you will test that idea with potential customers, receive coaching from experienced entrepreneurs and industry professionals, and win prizes that will help you take your venture to the next level!

Come learn the basics of founding and launching a successful startup while addressing the real challenges you might face in applying open or shared datasets.

We bring together a bunch of innovators, entrepreneurs, developers, graphic designers and let them create, cooperate, innovate and present their product or service on Sunday.

We provide the space, food, beverages and connection to local resources to keep you going throughout the hackathon.

You simply gather a team, full of inspiration, ready to cook up new products or services. Co.Station Gent will be your testing ground to experiment and see your ideas come to live.

Be assured that all ideas applying datasets in an innovative manner are welcome. Free your mind and surprise us!

You will:

Pitch your idea (Hey, we provide an open-stage format!);
Gather a team, work on an idea and make it real;
Get coached (and grilled) by some of the toughest industry experts;
Present to a panel of expert judges and win amazing prizes;
Test the limits of insomnia! 😉
Come and join us for a three-day marathon of ideation, co-creation and growth-hacking.

Check out here for more information. 

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