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B-Hive Goes to Slush 2018

The B-Hive community makes its way to Helsinki on December 3-5 for Slush, the world’s heading startup event, featuring 2600+ startups, 1600+ investors and 40,000+ attendees from all over.

As part of our community, you can enjoy 15% off your Startup Pass or Attendee Pass by using the discount code "BHIVEXSLUSH18."

What are we doing at Slush?

  • We have a joint booth with imec featuring a total of 4 impressive startups/scale-ups in our ecosystem per day. This is the perfect opportunity to showcase the top-class technology & talent we have in Belgium.

    To all startups interested in joining us at our booth, fill out this form by November 30, Friday. We will select the companies on a first come, first serve basis.

  • On top of our booth, we are co-organizing a number of networking moments with IMEC and FIT during this two-day event:

    • December 4 - Dinner with the Belgian Ambassador - 18:00-20:00

    • December 4 - imec.scale-ups Launch Party - 20:00 onwards

  • We also give fintech companies in our network the opportunity to join the EYnovation™ Go Global: Slush - Helsinki Program

Discover the full fintech agenda

December 3, Monday

13:00-18:00 - Founders Day

15:30-18:00 - Stairway to heaven with an IPO (and beyond)

16:15-19:00 - Magnusson Slush Side Event

December 4, Tuesday

08:00 - Doors open for SLUSH

17:00-20:30 - Open Innovation Meetup: Key Learnings from Collaboration Between Corporates and External Innovators 

17:00-20:00 - Founders Street: Crypto Evening - Restaurant Kiila

18:00-20:00 - Dinner with the Belgian Ambassador

20:00 - imec.scale-ups Launch Party (Sponsored by FIT and Duvel-Moortgat)

 December 5, Wednesday

08:00 - Doors open for SLUSH

15:00-17:30 - Finding Fintech by Mastercard

21:00-02:00 - Official Slush Afterparty