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Dublin Tech Summit 2018


As we just recently signed an MoU with FPAI, we’d like to connect closer with the tech & finance communities in Dublin.

Join the event that has...

10,000 Attendees | 49% Female | 250+ Speakers | 72 Countries | 500+ Media

Some of the DTS18 themes include:

Innovation - One of the most popular stages at DTS17, Innovation is what links together all areas of technology. Undoubtedly an agent of change, innovation plays a key role in both Dublin becoming one of the main tech capitals of Europe and in the success of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing and cybersecurity over the last decade. As the theme that every DTS attendee can relate to, the Innovation Stage brings together all eight DTS18 themes under one roof where the world’s leaders in business and technology will shape the future of global trends and technologies.

Future -  When people talk about the “next big thing”, they’re never thinking big enough. The Internet of Things is an industry that will generate $2.3 trillion in new economic value worldwide by the year 2025. Companies across many sectors are looking at Big Data – from financial services to fighting cancer, from telecommunications to traffic congestion, from entertainment to energy supply and from media to manufacturing. A couple of years ago, cybersecurity was seen as an IT issue, but now we can see the damaging impact this sort of crime can have on a business. Cloud computing is projected to increase from $67B in 2015 to $162B in 2020. According to the CEO of Intel acquired Movidius, “Dublin will be the centre of the AI revolution.” At DTS, we believe that Dublin will be the centre of more than just AI – the future of technology.

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