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  • BeCentral (The Foyer & The Boardroom) 10 Cantersteen Bruxelles, Bruxelles, 1000 Belgium (map)
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Join us on March 26 for our monthly FIN AND TONIC - this month's event is all about Digital Identity!

Digital identity is well and truly established as one of the most significant technology trends on the planet. It’s clear that the 1 billion personal identity records stolen in 2018 only added fuel to the fire. What can we expect in 2019 and what are companies proposing as a solution?


  • 18:00 Doors

  • 18:30 Welcome + Intro New members 

  • 18:40 Trusted FinTech Closing Ceremony by Patrick Coomans: A cohort of 9 B-Hive tech members successfully attended the first cycle of the #TrustedFintech program, aiming to increase cyber resilience and readiness for Third Party Vendor Risk Assessments.

  • 19:00 Use case by our members and partners (Onegini, Pikcio, Altares and Isabel Group)

  • 20:10 Panel discussion

  • 20:30 Drinks & Networking

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Showcase of the Speakers


Speaker: Mathijs Brand

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Bio: Mathijs Brand is CIAM product manager at Onegini and experienced in the field of digital identity and omni-channel solutions. He consulted on implementations for companies like Disneyworld, Autodesk, Van Lanschot and Bell Aliant. With a background in usability and informatics at the University of Amsterdam, the focus is always on the business case and technical challenge to create the best solution for the end-user.

Subject: Business activity, customer interactions & transactions are rapidly moving online to different types of channels such as web, mobile and conversational platforms. As this shift continues, customers expect a frictionless online experience. When it comes to Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) software technology, Onegini is the market leader in the Dutch financial sector. Onegini Connect supports web, mobile, chat and email to securely interact across those channels while staying compliant. Using a customer case approach, we will address the following topics:

  • Why is digital transformation a key driver for customer identity and access management?

  • (External) digital identities are central in creating trusted interactions. How does the best practice look like for registration and authentication?

  • How to leverage intermediaries in a compliant way in order to enhance customer engagement via (in)direct distribution models?

  • How to safely use mobile and conversational to connect and engage with your customers?

  • The difference between an out-of-the-box omnichannel CIAM solution and a toolbox


Speaker: Adriaan Kom

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Bio: Adriaan Kom is Director Business Development and Partnerships at Altares Dun & Bradstreet with more than 15 years of experience in the world of data. He is involved in strategic advice for dozens of local and global organizations and government agencies. His expertise is in business data as point of departure for digital transformation.

Subject: We will share best practices around identification and authorization. Recognition and Identification are important. But how to link an identity to a legal entity and to their respective authorisation in that organization? We have lots of experience in data driven solutions and are happy to share the latest insights. We take both risk and compliance perspectives into consideration without losing sight of the commercial objective.


Speaker: Gonzague Grandval

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Bio: Gonzague started his career in the e-transactions and payments division at Orange. In 2011 he co-founded Paymium, the first French Bitcoin exchange that he developed for over six years. Gonzague is also Board Member at Woorton, a french cryptocurrency liquidity provider.

In 2018, his interest in Blockchain and the subject of personal data led him to join Pikcio AG as an Advisor before becoming CEO. Pikcio is developing a digital wallet called PikcioMe, that is defined as «Your Own Data Bank».

Subject: How Pikcio is developing PikcioMe, a decentralized wallet that allows everyone to collect personal data locally, certify them on our Blockchain, and then enhance them in different situations (access to personalized financial services, onboarding/portability, monetization, eligibility, etc).

Isabel Group

Speaker: Bart Renard