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Cyber Security Conference Belgium - Workshop


How to Stay Secure in an Insecure World? Join our exclusive B-Hive break-out session at the Cyber Security Conference: Keeping pace in cybersecurity innovation through collaboration and co-creation, moderated by Patrick Coomans, Cyber Lead at B-Hive

When registering please use our personal relation code: 386T95BF

Cybersecurity has become a boardroom topic and the pace of innovation keeps increasing in this booming domain. Even the largest companies have trouble keeping up in the race with cybercriminals and hackers. B-Hive, a collaborative innovation platform for the financial services industry, has launched the CyberHive program as an answer to the challenge of its founding companies, large financial players like SWIFT and BNP Paribas Fortis, to maintain their edge in cyber. These companies join forces in scouting for and quickly adopting technology solutions for the new threats facing them.

B-Hive now want to open up this program to medium-sized and smaller financial institutions, and possibly interested companies from other sectors such as insurance and health. In this workshop it will present some of the possible initiatives and areas where it makes sense to collaborate and discuss the approach that will be followed in gathering the interested community. This workshop will be organized in collaboration with cybersecurity experts of the KULeuven.

When registering please use our personal relation code: 386T95B