B-Hive provides its members with knowledge and expertise from a vast and diverse global network of financial services players and dynamic tech companies, as well as access to the market, funding and government. To make this happen, B-Hive believes these three elements are key: meeting, discovering and connecting. 

As a B-Hive member, you can:

  • Gain access to our global network

  • Participate in our strategic programs focused on specific themes

  • Unlock new business opportunities

  • Attend local & international fintech events


our offer in a nutshell:


startup icon.png


250 euro/year


scaleup icon.png


850 euro/year

*We consider you a early-stage startup if you generate less than 250 000€ in revenue or you have secured less than 1 million € in funding.



Please take two minutes to fill out the form and proceed to payment via Paypal.

Thank you for becoming a member of the B-Hive Community!