Scale Up to the United States

Main Objective

B-Hive aims to build a strong international ecosystem of technologies for financial services (“TechForFin”) where expertise, networking, resources and technology can be shared. We believe that building bridges between important fintech hubs and the Eurozone enables both European and non-European companies to grow and expand.

B-Hive wants to help startups expand their sales to United States by providing them sales support, whether they currently have a presence in the US or not. Find the extended sales support offer below and feel free to contact us for more information!

Extended Sales Offer

  • Attend marketing and analytics conferences and events

  • Outbound outreach to target accounts

  • Respond to inbound marketing qualified leads from marketing campaigns or prospecting outreach

  • Build trust and long-lasting relationships with customers

  • Map new and existing accounts to further expand your footprint with additional customer engagement use cases and digital transformation services

  • Engage with relevant individuals at prospect

  • Discover prospect opportunities and needs where our solution can recognize the greatest value

  • Each offer will be adapted to the company's needs & requirements

  • $750 / day, one day a week, three-month commitment



B-Hive provides its members with knowledge and expertise from a large community as well as access to the market, funding and government. To make this happen, B-Hive believes these three elements are key: meeting, discovering and connecting. 

B-hive wants to help you unlock business opportunities in the United States without an extensive financial risk. The US Market Access offers a unique opportunity for non-US companies to start their sales in the US market.



We are delighted by the support we have from B-Hive here in the US. Through their cooperation, we are able to utilize the bridge between Europe and the US to further our goals and our vision for
— Luc Burgelman, CEO, NGData
B-Hive is the missing piece of the puzzle - the very one that connects the right people with the relevant industry players, not only from a perspective of creating a bridge to Europe, but also from a perspective of global networking.
— Jeremy Boutillier, North America Manager, Xpenditure
B-Hive is an excellent partner for the Brazilian companies that want to scale and expand globally through a physical presence in Europe. It is a collaborative innovation platform connecting the dots in digital finance which is supported by all major financial players in Belgium.
— Yves Lapere, Economic and Commercial Attaché, Flanders Investment & Trade
In regards to the New York launch events: This was our first time in New York and B-Hive did a fantastic job in organizing events of different formats (e.g. reception, matchmaking one-on-one) that allowed us to get in contact with local investors, potential clients and companies to partner with. Great job.
— Juru team



Charlotte Gréant
Business Manager at B-Hive New York

Twitter: @bhive_us


43 W 23rd St, New York, 10010 NY



B-Hive New York hosts meetups to give scale-ups and corporates the chance to network and learn more about specific topics they are facing in the industry. As our members describe it, the meetups and subsequent events offer them opportunities with a company they would not have heard of otherwise, unique access to the right decision makers that would have taken them a lot of time to identify, let alone access, the chance to compress time from first contact to concrete action and a very nice, highly recommendable interaction environment. Get a glimpse of one our events below.

Interested in viewing our full photo archive for B-Hive New York? Check it out here.


De Tijd - B-Hive bouwt Brussels testlabo voor datawetgeving

Summary: B-Hive Fintech Platform builds a test room in Brussels that allows companies to experiment with the European data legislation.

Date: 07/06/17 - Tech Center: EU’s capital city grows tech Reputation

Summary: Belgium’s capital city is becoming known for more than just housing major international institutions like EU Parliament, EU Commission and NATO. The region is also home to an active and fast-growing startup scene. 

Date: 10/02/2017


Data News - Eggsplore reçoit un soutien gouvernemental et devient B-Hive

Summary: The federal government has allocated € 2 million to make Brussels the center of companies developing new technologies for the financial sector (fintech). To achieve its objective the government will invest in the platform Eggsplore, that will is changing its name to B-Hive. 

Date: 10/01/2017