Get to Know the B-Hive Community #2 - Polybius

In our second edition of Get to Know the B-Hive Community, we are happy to introduce you our member, Polybius! See below a short interview with Polybius and discover what makes them a one of a kind fintech.

  • How long have you been a B-Hive member?

Polybius has been with B-hive since June 2018.  

  • Polybius in a nutshell

Polybius is a fintech company, that focuses on relieving people from thinking about money.

  • What is Polybius working on right now? What products/services should the industry be aware of?

We are currently creating OSOM - a fully licensed and regulatory recognized open banking service that will change the way people deal with money. At the beginning, OSOM will give it's users a clear view of all of their fiat and crypto assets at once and will enable easy and secure payments. We are on the way to build the last financial app the consumer's will ever need.

  • What does the future of Polybius look like?

Pan European service coverage, connecting tradidional and new economy, active beyond open banking, but also in other financial sectors. 

  • A fun fact about Polybius

In the extremely diverse Polybius team we have people from Belgium, France, UK, Australia, Uzbekistan, Lithuania and Estonia.

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Insurtech UnderCover increases capital by 550.000 EUR


In order to fuel its further growth, both nationally and internationally, Louvain insurtech start-up UnderCover executes a capital increase of 550.000 EUR. The lion’s share of the increase is provided by the major shareholders: Ensur, insurance consultant, and Xplore Group, expert in digital commerce and part of the Cronos Group.

Xplore Group provides insights of high business value and integrates fully end-to-end digital solutions. Its promise is simple: connecting people by creating technology that makes sense.

Paul Claes, Managing Director of Xplore Group and member of the UnderCover Board: “We add smart technology and useful experiences from other sectors to the deep insurance knowledge present at Ensur, leading to truly innovative solutions like UnderCover.”

UnderCover has developed an application allowing private customers to calculate, based on a unique algorithm, to which extent their possessions are protected against different calamities. Thanks to this application, brokers and agents get a better view on their customers’ needs, resulting in better and more efficient servicing. Moreover, based on the same algorithm, they can qualitatively compare the policies of different insurance companies.

Currently the application covers the domain Living (building & content). Soon Mobility (car, bike, travel assistance) and Family & Hobby (household insurance) will be added. Later this year, Health (hospitalization, physical accidents) will follow.

Stephan Podevyn, CEO of UnderCover: “UnderCover bridges the gap between a customer’s lack of insurance knowledge and a broker’s or agent’s lack of detailed knowledge about this customer. Ultimately, it will lead to more frequent and positive interactions between customers and intermediaries.”


With the introduction of IFRS9 accounting principles on Jan 1, 2018, all banks, including non-AIRB (advanced internal ratings-based) banks, have to adopt a “model validation and governance” framework for their internal risk models. Thus, the need for banks to identify and equip themselves with innovative tools to manage validation processes of the risk models used.

Get to Know the B-Hive Community #1

Secupi Logo.png

In our first edition of Get to Know the B-Hive Community, we would like to introduce you to our member SecuPi, a data-centric security software platform. See below a short interview with SecuPi and discover what makes them a one of a kind fintech.

How long have you been a B-Hive member?

Since November 2018

Describe SecuPi

SecuPi is a software platform that delivers data-centric security and compliance across your existing enterprise applications, data warehouses and big data environments. By using personal data-flow discovery, real-time monitoring, user behavior analytics, and dynamic data masking, SecuPi enables organizations to secure their sensitive data and be privacy compliant within days and with no code changes.

What is SecuPi working on right now and what products/services should the industry be aware of?

We are working on what we do best - protect your and your customers' data. We recently broke a speed record with a super fast deployment for our Swiss customer. We also succeeded (where all others have failed) in applying anonymization across multiple big data environments in one of the largest Telco provider in Europe.

Additionally, we've been helping enterprises to safely move their applications up to Cloud. SecuPi is, quite literally, helping its customers reach for the sky.

What does the future of SecuPi look like?

Our quest is to lead the GDPR Kingdom of Privacy ;)

We're constantly expanding and growing together with our customers and partners with new functionalities and support.

Our team is also growing (horizontally... we need to take it easy with the food at the office ;) ).

Tell us a fun fact of a member of SecuPi

SecuPi CEO, Alon Rosenthal, has a black belt in Karate. So you can keep calm and let us worry about your security.

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The US Small Business Fintech Report



The tech startups transforming small business payroll, lending, insurance, accounting, and more.

• About the author

CB Insights software lets you predict, discuss, and communicate emerging technology trends using data in ways that are beyond human cognition. We are a leader in the Expert Automation & Augmentation Software (EAAS) space.

imec.istart open call

The imec.istart business acceleration program supports entrepreneurs with the early development of their tech start-ups during minimum 12 months.  During this period we want to assess the feasibility of a business proof-of-concept, prepare the (commercial) launch of the first product(s) and the establishment of a start-up to drive this commercialization.

B-Hive signs an associate partnership with Sentia

B-Hive adds another tech powerhouse to its partner list as they sign an associate partnership with Sentia, one of the leading companies for Managed Cloud-Services in North-Western Europe. Their partnership was announced at B-Hive’s FIN AND TONIC on Thursday.

B-Hive, an innovation fintech platform, continues making its mark in the financial services sector by adding another associate partner to their already extensive list. The partnership with Sentia will foster B-Hive’s mission to grow their ecosystem while preserving and cherishing innovation.

Sentia is a cloud competence center that offers Managed Application Continuity in the cloud for leading publishers & media companies, digital agencies, banks & insurance companies, retailers, not-for-profit and health organisations. For their customers, Sentia capitalises a significant opportunity presented by the cloud ecosystem and digital transformation of organisations. Sentia Belgium accelerates and enables medium and large enterprises to adopt the digital possibilities of the Cloud in a transparent and trustworthy way, allowing you to focus and continue to lead or differentiate in today's multi-cloud world.

Together with Sentia, B-Hive aims to make a difference in the financial services sector. Their expertise in cloud services will provide valuable assets to the community as a whole. B-hive’s Executive Chairman Fabian Vandenreydt is excited to welcome Sentia as a new partner of the B-hive community.

“We are extremely happy to be partnering with Sentia Belgium. As the interest in Cloud Services keeps rising, it is crucial to stay on top of the latest solutions and challenges and with Sentia, we can now offer their expertise to our ecosystem. I am looking forward to joining forces with Sentia!”

Sentia’s Sales and Marketing Director, David Temmerman, agrees and is committed to work together with B-Hive to create positive change in the financial services world.

“I believe that B-hive has demonstrated strong partnerships geared towards helping the finance and fintech sector. This in times when digital transformation is remodeling the business. Sentia is here to support the community in this journey.” Temmerman believes.

Sentia is taking part in B-Hive’s latest FIN AND TONIC on Cloud Selections and will continue working together with B-Hive through various events, one-on-one matchmaking sessions and innovation projects.

Sentia PR logos.png

Shield FC Joins B-Hive to Enhance Innovation and Collaboration with the European Financial Sector

Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 2.02.28 PM.png

Shield Financial Compliance (Shield FC), a cross-regulation compliance platform providing a 360 view on eComms and trades utilizing AI, NLP and visualization capabilities to make compliance more efficient and ROI driven, today announces its membership of B-Hive.

B-Hive is a Brussels-based European collaborative innovation FinTech platform that brings together major banks, insurers and market infrastructure players. Its Executive Chairman, Fabian Vandenreydt states: “We are excited to welcome Shield FC to the B-Hive community! Their expertise in the ever-changing RegTech landscape will be a great asset to the community overall.”

Vice President of Global Sales and Business Development at Shield FC, Eran Noam, states: “We are delighted to join B-Hive as part of our expansion plans across Europe. Brussels is the perfect gateway into the financial hubs of the EU and beyond, a vital market for firms looking to further explore and improve their digital transformation in the sector.”

Eran adds, “This is just the latest part of Shield FC’s ambitious expansion. We already have an exciting presence and portfolio of clients in London and have recently unveiled our entry into the heavily regulated German financial market, where the Shield 2.0 Financial Compliance Data Management Platform is introducing machine learning to drive down false positives.”

With increasing legislation such as MiFID II, MiFIR, GDPR and Dodd FRANK across financial markets worldwide, RegTech solutions have never been more important or in demand. The Shield FC platform is unique in its ability to capture, archive and investigate interactions across all electronic communications (eComms) channels.

By joining B-Hive, Shield FC will work closely with major banks, insurers and market infrastructure organizations to fine-tune its solutions, ensuring they continue to precisely match the evolving requirements of the financial sector. B-Hive ensures its members can work on common innovation challenges and builds bridges to the start-up and scale-up community inside and outside the Eurozone and EU.

Shield FC’s B-Hive membership follows recent news that a large European investment firm has adopted its eComms platform to enhance both regulatory compliance and customer assurance.

Cristina Soviany, CEO of Features Analytics, among 10 finalists at a Female Founders Competition


Selected among several hundred applicants from across North America, Europe and Israel; Features Analytics’ CEO and co-Founder Cristina Soviany made the cut to the top 10 finalists in a competition aiming to bridge the gap in venture capital destined to women-led enterprise tech companies.

M12 (Microsoft’s Venture Fund) partnered with EQT Ventures and SVB Financial Group to kick off the competition, which culminated last Wednesday November 14th into live pitches delivered by 10 high-potential female founders selected from several hundred in the domain of enterprise tech, at the Microsoft Reactor in San Francisco. Mrs. Soviany defended the colors of the Belgian-based enterprise software company with a pitch around eyeDES®, a unique technology and platform for anomaly detection and predictive modeling, whose precision and effectiveness are unparalleled.

Today, the financial sector is plagued by an array of market abuse behaviors exhibiting new and previously unknown scenarios that remain undetected in the mass data. Firms are facing huge volumes of alerts, mostly ‘False Positives’. Features Analytics’ disruptive enterprise solution has been successfully piloted with top global investment banks in the domains of equities and foreign exchange, leading to readiness for the broader financial sector. The game-changing solution picks out everything that is inconsistent with normal behavior and thus suspicious, while dramatically reducing false alerts, without any rules or parameters being set. This is exactly what financial market institutions are looking for in their pursuit to reduce operating costs, risk and exposure.

Mrs. Soviany is truly proud of the company’s achievements:

“Finding solutions for complex problems forms part of my DNA, and I believe we have made the difference with eyeDES®, which is fit-for-purpose as regulators step up the crackdown on financial market irregularities, with penalties on abuse getting bigger and bigger”

After the one-day pitching event and boot-camp in San Francisco, Soviany concluded:

“This is a fantastic initiative which encourages a much needed diversity in the technology start-up arena. We have been given the opportunity to meet with the exceptional female leaders present, as well as experts in venture funding and the remarkable Microsoft team. Importantly, we are grateful to our clients and partners from the financial industry for their trust. Last but not least: I am so proud of our team: we couldn’t have achieved this without their day-after-day engagement and support”.

Richard Mener, co-founder and VP Business Development at Features Analytics, expressed Features Analytics team satisfaction being recognized so remarkably:

“Cristina leads with passion our team that delivers brand-new, disruptive technology solutions. We are all committed to providing AI solutions that bring significant financial benefits to our clients. There’s no doubt that, with our inspirational CEO in charge, we will lift Features Analytics to the next level.”

About Features Analytics

Features Analytics is a Belgian company providing eyeDES®, a unique Artificial Intelligence technology and platform for the Financial Industry. eyeDES® conduct surveillance solutions detect market abuse in financial markets (such as equities, FX), money laundering, transaction fraud or other abnormal events in enterprise financial data. Features Analytics is introducing a brand-new approach that guarantees the detection of any new or previously known scenarios of market abuse in a minimum number of high-quality alerts and this without the need to use or set up any rules, parameters or fixed models. Features Analytics is a member of B-Hive Europe and benefits of the Wallonia Region financial support. Find out more:

Cloud Adoption - Challenges, Considerations & Solutions

Organizations are under increasing pressure to take the journey to the cloud. The importance of IT within an organization has evolved into a strategic choice, an important choice. The migration to the cloud offers you many advantages, but there are many potential pitfalls around migration, this provides reason for many organizations to select a capable ‘Cloud Service Provider’ (CSP).

The whitepaper produced by BDO for B-Hive's newest partner Sentia, focuses on the issues involved with the initial selection of an appropriate Cloud Service Provider or Cloud Partner (CSP) and determining the appropriate and relevant selection criteria.

Want to find out more? Read it here!

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 11.50.57 AM.png

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Oracle and B-Hive launch a fast-tracked monetization ecosystem program for fintech startups/scale-ups

After announcing their Fintech Innovation Program collaboration in July, Oracle and B-Hive are taking their next step to jointly launch a fast-tracked monetization ecosystem program for mature startup and scale-up fintechs, called Fintech ScaleUp. Registration opens today and the program will kickstart in January when Oracle and B-Hive will select 15 startup or scale-up fintechs in two program sessions that will take place in Brussels and London.

The program will be the first outcome from the new collaboration. Oracle and B-Hive aim to maximize business opportunities for mature fintech startups and scale-ups while minimizing the time in the market through a four-month, fast-tracked monetization program. The program drives fintechs to discover a joint business model with Oracle, earn a proof of concept and enter one of the existing monetization models on Oracle Cloud, where Oracle’s customers can get access to their products and services.

Oracle and B-Hive will select the most promising tech startup or scale-up fintechs who they believe have the highest potential to reach their goals of becoming a top-tier fintech company. The focus in the four-month program will be on open banking, fraud detection and data monetization. Interested fintechs can register by contacting

Oracle’s goal of monetizing and accelerating fintech innovation and B-Hive’s expertise in startups mentoring sparked the idea of such a program. Mark Smedley, Vice President of the Global Financial Services Industry Solutions at Oracle has big hopes for the program.

“The goal of the Fintech ScaleUp program is to support fintech companies and help them become scalable and successful, and provide them great sales opportunities in a short period of time. They will have access to Oracle client base of financial services industry players, be a part of Oracle Cloud’s extended ecosystem and make use of our cloud software. We will also provide mentoring and insights for the startups, with B-Hive’s help of course.”

The program will not only benefit the tech companies, but the financial services companies as well. They will gain access to a variety of fintech companies that have found enterprise-strength solutions to some of the biggest challenges the financial industry is facing today.

B-Hive’s Executive Chairman, Fabian Vandenreydt believes that B-Hive’s expertise in mentoring startups and Oracle’s powerful brand are an excellent combination that will guarantee the program’s success.

“B-Hive Europe is delighted to contribute its fintech startup ecosystem management expertise to launch the first two workshops of the Fintech StartUp program. Leveraging Oracle platform and cloud expertise, and market presence in Corporates and FI’s will bring the best fintech scale-ups to the market as part of the Oracle Cloud Portfolio. This will offer additional functionalities to Oracle Cloud users and support fintechs in their go to market.”

About Oracle

The Oracle Cloud offers complete SaaS application suites for ERP, HCM and CX, plus best-in-class database Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) from data centers throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia. For more information about Oracle (NYSE:ORCL), please visit us at

About B-Hive

B-Hive is a European collaborative innovation fintech platform that brings together major banks, insurers and market infrastructure players. Together, we work on common innovation programs and build bridges between our corporate partners and our start-up and scale-up community members. We aim to put Brussels on the map as the smart gateway to Europe and leverage on the opportunities offered by the digital transformation for the financial services industry. We believe that building bridges between important fintech hubs and the Eurozone enables both European and non-European companies to grow and expand.

More information about B-Hive can be found at

LOGOS RAF (2).png

Collaborative economy and new business models’ challenges from promoting innovation and sustainable entrepreneurship to protecting consumers and workers [Recap]

Collaborative economy and new business models’ challenges  from promoting innovation and sustainable entrepreneurship to protecting consumers and workers [Recap]

On 16 October 2018, ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants), UEAPME (European Association of Craft, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) and European Movement International organised a conference on collaborative economy and new business models’ challenges: from promoting innovation and sustainable entrepreneurship to protecting consumers and workers.

B-Hive is proud to announce its partnership with Altares - Dun & Bradstreet

The international provider of business insights, Altares Dun & Bradstreet and the collaborative European fintech platform B-Hive have announced their associate partnership. Through this partnership, Altares aims to strengthen their position as a trusted partner for the financial services industry.

Where Data Economy meets the Fintech Ecosystem

Altares will bring valuable expertise into the B-Hive FinTech Ecosystem regarding data management and analytics. Adriaan Kom – Head of Strategic Alliances:

“Our global company data enables our clients to build models and make business decisions. Our services provide reliable data and predictive analytics which is proven to be very beneficial for the financial services sector. As a trusted partner in company data and analytics, we plan to expand our network in this industry through B-Hive.”

With more than 40 partners and 170 members, B-Hive is one of the leading FinTech ecosystems in Europe. As a collaborative platform, B-Hive connects major financial institutions with innovative startups and scale-ups. Through this partnership, B-Hive adds another well-established tech company to their network. According to Fabian Vandenreydt, Executive Chairman at B-Hive, the partnership was a no brainer.

“Altares’ expertise, knowledge and values are an impressive combination that we are thrilled to have among our network. We hope to provide them with a platform that will serve, B-Hive, Altares Dun & Bradstreet and our complete ecosystem.”

First Steps as Associate Partners

As part of the partnership, Altares has supported the B-Hive FinTech Hackathon over the past few weeks. At the two-day Hackathon, participants were looking for well-thought business solutions for existing challenges that the financial- and insurance sectors are facing. By winning the Hackathon, participants could win a Proof of Concept. Not only has Altares provided data for the Hackathon, but their experts also participated as mentors and jury members. The Hackathon was organized in Brussels, Belgium on September 24-25.

In the future, Altares and B-Hive hope to join forces in similar events while also working on new projects. Niek De Taeye, Chief Operating Officer at B-Hive, has high hopes for their newly found partnership.

“Altares is a perfect addition to the B-Hive ecosystem. An established value as part of the Dun & Bradstreet group, yet the drive and ambitions of an innovative young company. Apart from the enormous richness of their current databases, Altares is a pioneer and is looking for innovative ways for this data to be of service to their clients. We aim to help them along in defining new and exciting uses for their data by connecting them to the right start-ups and scale-ups and also expand their customers within the financial services industry.”

About B-Hive:

B-Hive is a European collaborative innovation fintech platform that brings together major banks, insurers and market infrastructure players. Together, we work on common innovation programs and build bridges between our corporate partners and our start-up and scale-up community members. We aim to put Brussels on the map as the smart gateway to Europe and leverage on the opportunities offered by the digital transformation for the financial services industry. We believe that building bridges between important fintech hubs and the Eurozone enables both European and non-European companies to grow and expand.


About Altares Dun & Bradstreet:

Altares Dun & Bradstreet offers data from the world’s biggest commercial database which contains information about more than 300 Million companies. This verified company information is updated over 5 Million times a day to offer the most actual, complete and reliable actionable business insight. The combination of data, intelligence and technology helps professionals to make informed decisions.


B-Hive and Temenos join forces with their newly-found associate partnership


Temenos (SIX: TEMN), the banking software company, and the collaborative fintech platform B-Hive Europe, announced their associate partnership at Digital Finance Europe on September 26. The collaboration has been launched at the National Bank of Belgium in Brussels.

B-Hive’s growth continues, as it partners up with another tremendous tech company. B-Hive has reached a wide audience within the fintech community and joining forces with Temenos strengthens their ecosystem extensively.

Based in Geneva, Temenos has over 3,000 firms around the world, and more than 500 million banking customers count on their services on a daily basis. With more than 25 years of experience, Temenos is a true market-leading software provider and their expertise in the banking and finance industry will add great value to B-Hive’s ecosystem.

Shared values make the perfect partnership

Both B-Hive and Temenos value collaboration and believe in its importance in creating the best customer outcomes.

Fabian Vandenreydt, Executive Chairman of B-Hive:

“Sharing similar values as companies made this partnership even more valuable. We want to create a space that benefits everyone within the ecosystem. This was just another reason why partnering up with Temenos made a lot of sense to us.”

In addition, the two hope to foster and cherish innovation. In order to develop and adapt to the digital transformation, fostering innovation is key.

Amal El Alami, MarketPlace Community Director for Europe at Temenos, adds:

“We are excited to be working with B-Hive in accelerating and empowering the highest levels of innovation for our customers. This partnership will help us strengthen the community around Temenos MarketPlace and to uncover the most exciting fintech companies in Europe. At Temenos, we open up our software to third-parties to encourage innovation. We value our innovative, open culture and hope to partner with other innovative companies through the ecosystem of B-Hive.”

The future looks bright

With this partnership, Temenos and B-Hive aim to work together on several of the B-Hive initiatives. As an associate partner, Temenos will take part in a dedicated B-Hive program and the two companies will collaborate on creating added value to the ecosystem of B-Hive. Temenos and B-Hive will also mutually participate in each other’s events, such as ‘Presenting best of fintech report’ from Temenos on November 22nd in Brussels.