Belgium and The Netherlands: fintech partnership

By Marilia Assis

On November 29th, we had the pleasure to sign a memorandum of understanding with our Dutch neighbours, during the Royal Visit to Amsterdam. Fintech Holland and Eggsplore joins their forces to further develop both local ecosystems. To understand more about the importance of this partnership we invited Wim De Waele, the CEO of Eggsplore, for an interview.

Eggsplore: what are the interests of the Dutch and Belgian government to invest in a collaboration regarding FinTech?

Wim De Waele: Both countries have a strong financial industry know-how and have traditionally been on the forefront of the new wave of digital technology. By joining forces, the relatively smaller companies can more easily compete on a worldwide scale.

B-Hive: Which are the main points, regarding FinTech, covered by this memorandum?

Wim De Waele: The main points are about promoting each other’s FinTech communities internationally, organising common events, both locally and abroad.

B-Hive: Recently we have seen the rise of several FinTech hubs, from China to Scandinavian countries. Considering this growing emergence of comparable initiatives, what are the aspects of the agreement that can contribute to raising the profile and development of our ecosystems?

Wim De Waele: First of all, through collaboration and marketing we can both raise our recognition abroad. Secondly, we can improve by working together to create a favourable regulatory framework to make BeNeLux a more attractive location for foreign FinTechs. 

B-Hive: What are the characteristics that bring the Belgian and Dutch FinTech ecosystems together and what differentiates us from other hubs around the world?

Wim De Waele: What bring us together is the entrepreneur culture, the language and the tradition of close collaboration between the two countries in different areas. What differentiates us is that Belgium has a very strong business-to-business and cybersecurity focus and Holland has a strong e-commerce and business-to-consumer focus. We are quite complementary, and together we make a good combination.

quote wim .png

B-Hive: What can we expect from this collaboration in the long term?

Wim De Waele: I think we should be able to really position Belgium and Holland as one of the leading regions within this domain of technology for the financial sector and also attract international talents for our region.