CyberHive: Fostering Cross-Industry Collaboration on Cyber Security

October is officially coined as National Cybersecurity Month. This annual campaign is heavily supported by the European Commission to boost the general public’s awareness about the importance of cybersecurity. It also serves as a solid reminder for companies and governments all over the world to make cybersecurity a top priority.

Cybersecurity has become ever more relevant in today’s digital world, as more and more hackers are able to successfully penetrate the IT infrastructure of governments and companies. This puts individuals’ identity and personal data at risk of theft and misuse. There is a growing need for businesses, governments and the academia to closely collaborate in the fight against cybercrime to be able to boost their individual strengths and efficiencies as they tackle security issues from a variety of standpoints.

Apart from sharing the European Commission’s vision on making cybersecurity a top priority, we at B-Hive also believe in the power of cross-industry collaboration. That is why we are bringing together key partners in our network to contribute their expertise and knowledge on cybersecurity through our CyberHive program.

Our end goal is to deliver an operational platform for cooperation across the financial sector to complement our partners’ efforts and capabilities and

  • Increase their speed in finding and deploying ways to meet the cyber threats they face
  • Enrich the collective learning about and the quality of the responses
  • Improve the cost effectiveness of testing an ever-growing pool of solutions

Our CyberHive program is focused on three pillars:

  • Research

We bring together key players in our network to conduct and publish research across cybersecurity-related themes to enhance capabilities across the B-Hive community. We also lead and participate in events that foster knowledge sharing on cybersecurity.

  • Talent

Together with our partners, we will design and deliver a set of cybersecurity training and awareness-building programs. Our initial focus is on non-technology executives and managers.

  • CyberFinder Platform

Through CyberHive, we aim to develop a shared platform called the CyberFinder that will easily allow our partners to identify and deploy cyber solutions that have been validated through a gap analysis and thorough lab-based evaluation method. By providing this platform, we provide our partners with an easier way of sourcing new innovative cybersecurity solutions that can strengthen their cybersecurity capabilities.


As cybersecurity is a shared responsibility, we aim to synchronize with and complement other key efforts that exist today. 


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