Recap: Fin & Tonic Puts Cybersecurity in the Spotlight

As the European CyberSecurity Month is drawing to a close, B-Hive took the opportunity to showcase its CyberHive program and invite top cybersecurity experts for its Fin & Tonic on October 26.  

To kick off the night, B-Hive cybersecurity expert Assaf Egozi shared the vision of CyberHive and the launch of the CyberFinder platform, which provides our partners with an easier way of sourcing new innovative cybersecurity solutions that can strengthen their cybersecurity capabilities.

Arick Goomanofsky gave a keynote on "From cybercrime to cyber warfare.” He retraced the timeline of cybercrime evolution in the last three decades – from the emergence of the first computer virus ‘Brain’ in 1986 to the era of targeted cyber sabotage in the early 2000’s which has massively wiped out thousands of computers and penetrated networks in a matter of hours. This only goes to show that emerging technologies such as the Cloud and IoT are both a target and a tool for cyber warfare, and that both corporates and startups have to first understand their risks and vulnerabilities to be able to respond to cybercrime better.

B-Hive startup members also took the stage to provide attendees with practical know-how in dealing with external and internal vulnerabilities:

  • Stijn Vande Casteele, Co-founder & CEO of Sweepatic, talked about how companies can deal with hostile reconnaissance using the Sweepatic platform. It works by building an inventory of a company’s digital footprint and exposure, in order to deliver red-flag type reports back for further action.
  • Roel Caers, COO of GuardSquare, dove straight right into the prevalence of mobile application attacks and what companies can do to secure their own applications. He emphasized the importance of securing the code from the ground up and making sure that the app’s network connections on the back-end are also secured.
  • Maarten Decat, Co-founder & CEO of Elimity, focused more on the importance of effective access control on an enterprise-level. Not only is this key in complying to business rules, but also in complying to regulation. This is especially relevant for highly-regulated industries such as financial services.

An interactive panel discussion followed the talks, where each of the speakers provided tangible advice on how to ramp up cybersecurity efforts. 

Here are the key takeaways:

  • Move from a responsive to a proactive approach
  • Two-factor authentication is key
  • Important to invest in encryption

European CyberSecurity Month may almost be  over, but the truth is - cybersecurity is a concern that corporates and individuals need to be mindful about every single day.

Meet all our cybersecurity and identity management startup members:

  • Elimity developed a next-generation access management platform that ensures highly-regulated companies remain compliant throughout the coming years.

  • GuardSquare, the global reference in mobile application protection, developed premium software for the protection of mobile applications against reverse engineering and hacking.

  • Onegini created the first Secure Social Login solution that allows users to create a mobile application with easy to use authentication.

  • SecurIT prides itself of being the market leading systems integrator in the Identity Access Management space in Europe. One of its most popular products is the TrustBuilder® - User Authentication and D-man™.

  • Signaturit offers trust services that guarantee the legal security of all your digital transactions.
  • Signicat is a Digital Identity Service Provider (DISP) and is one of the leading providers of electronic identity and electronic signature solutions in Europe.
  • Sweepatic developed a secure portal that allows its users to gain visibility on their digital footprint and take control.