Fin & Tonic Recap: Scaling Your Business

Last week, we had a packed house at B-Hive’s headquarters for our monthly Fin & Tonic. This month’s theme was around scaling your business, featuring our co-founder and managing partner Jurgen Ingels as well as a fantastic panel of speakers.

Our co-founder Jurgen Ingels kicked the night off with a keynote on the law of time reduction and his own lessons learned in entrepreneurship.

While he emphasized that there is no magic formula for scaling a business, he believes that the most successful companies are those that are able to reduce time. Therefore, he shared practical advice for entrepreneurs on how they could reduce time – ranging from killing the meeting culture to using the bar as a meeting place.

He also introduced a new initiative called, which is aimed at being a top-of-mind time squeezer for scale-ups in Europe. Its major initiative is a digital scale-up conference in September 2018 that will bring together key stakeholders in the scale-up ecosystem. This becomes ever-relevant as the scale-up landscape of Belgium falls short of successful scalers, in comparison with its European neighbors.

What followed after the engaging talk was a panel discussion among Katrien De Clerck (TeamLeader), Xavier Pansaers (Real Impact Analytics) and Jurgen Ingels focused on talent and leadership. Aside from sharing their creative recruiting strategies, they also highlighted the importance of having the right leadership in place.

Of course, this insightful panel was followed by a networking session—complete with thoughtful conversations and gin & tonics.

If you’d like to catch the evening in full, check out our live stream from the event.

Our next Fin & Tonic will be held in early 2018, so stay tuned for updates!

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