5 fantastic women in fintech

By Marilia Assis (B-Hive)

Sharing success stories is a great way to inspire more people to pursue their dreams. With this in mind, during this international women's day, we wanted to share with you five interesting reads and videos of women impacting our sector. Enjoy the read!

1 Masako Wakamiya - What an 81-year-old Japanese woman launching an iPhone app means for fintech? This is the amazing story of Masako Wakamiya.

2. Blythe Masters is inspiring women around the world to work in tech. She is a former JPMorgan executive who assisted in the development of credit default swaps. Now she leads the blockchain startup Digital Asset Holdings. 

3Jessica Mah, from San Francisco to the world. This girl opened her first tech startup at 12, founded inDinero at 19, and at 21 made the cover of Inc.’s 5000 issue for her company's outstanding three-year revenue growth of more than 2,500%.  

4Sheryl Rowling is the 60-year-old woman behind Total Rebalance Expert, a company that automates the rebalancing process for advisory firms and saves clients money on taxes. An other proof that age is only a number! 

5. Lucy Peng - When you hear Alibaba,  the first name that will pop into your mind will probably be: Jack Ma! However, only a few people can recall that his co-founder is a woman. Furthermore, Lucy Peng was responsible for creating Ant Financial Services. 


Do you have more inspiring stories to share about of women in tech? Let us know!