Step Up! Program

Dear B-Hive community, 

We would like to invite you to participate in the Step Up! Program, organized by Microsoft Innovation Center Brussels. This is a great opportunity to develop your tech startup!

The first group session on Priority Management, led by Dominique Siplet and Thibaut Georgin, will be held on the 20th of April at 2 pm.

Structure? Each thematic will be tackled through a 1:few half a day (~3 hours) session and followed-up by two 1:1 sessions (75 minutes) to ensure it answers your startup’s specific needs. Because priorities matter, the “Priority Management session” will include an additional individual session, hence 3 in total.

When? The program will start on April 20 and end in November. You will benefit in total from 5 group sessions and 11 individual coaching’s.

For whom is this program intended? Microsoft is looking to cooperate with talented, energetic & committed founders of startups. Selection will focus on the following points:

Check out here for more information.