Proximity Shopping & Payment Experience Day

Proximity Shopping & Payment Experience Day

The Proximity Shopping & Payment Experience Day was held on the 16th of June in the B-Hive HUB Brussels. During the event innovative startups and scaleups had a chance to pitch to established financial players and relevant consulting companies. The Experience Day had a positive impact fuelling the networking and further partnerships between the participants. 

B-Hive is proud of organising an event in which we can discover fastest and smarter models that will build the future of shopping and payments. As Bill Gates said:  I believe innovation is the most powerful force for change in the world. 

Those are the scaleups and startups that we had the honour to present on the event:

Cashfree is a unified mobile payment method that allows anyone with a smartphone and a bank account to pay anyone anywhere in Europe instantly. (Belgium)

Hashting is an innovative platform that connects brands and consumers in a retail environment. Starting the point of sales materials the company triggers consumers to influence their brand selection. (Belgium)

Lightspeed provides point of sale and ecommerce solutions for retailers and restaurateurs to manage their businesses. (Canada)

Mobilosoft is a mobile company dedicated to the retail industry. The company helps retailers build their mobile marketing strategy and actions. (Belgium)

NearIT allows you to plan and share tailored contents through your app and to examine the results and the statistic of your campaign and improve their performances better. (Italy)

Parcify is a mobile delivery app and platform which offers convenience based shipping of packages within cities. It connects retail stores with local couriers, enabling anyone to deliver anything at any time at anywhere. (Belgium)

Seqr, developed by Seamless, is a safe, fast and easy way to pay by mobile. The only thing the user needs is the Seqr app to scan a QR Code or tap on the NFC terminal. (Sweden)

Tactill is a mobile POS for the retail industry. With Tactill, shop owners can accept credit cards and run their business wherever they are. (France)