B-Hive proudly presents Fabian Vandenreydt as its Executive Chairman during Money20/20 Europe

Copenhagen, Denmark, Monday, June 26, 2017 – B-Hive is a collaborative innovation platform in which 13 major financial players (banks, insurers and market infrastructure players – including SWIFT) and the Belgian government work together on common innovation challenges and build bridges to the global startup and scale-up community.

SWIFT has played a significant role in supporting both the creation of Eggsplore in 2016 and its successor B-Hive in early 2017. Fabian Vandenreydt, Head of Innotribe at SWIFT, has been a guiding hand as its Chairman of the Board and will soon move on to his new role as Executive Chairman.

B-Hive, with its headquarters in the Brussels area, has been growing quickly and is now developing at both a European and a global level, with two new offices recently opened in London and Tel Aviv. Other satellite offices are planned in New York and Singapore. To broaden its network even further, B-Hive is currently participating in Money20/20 Europe. Its main goal is to build a European ecosystem that helps organizations deal with the impact of digital technology on the financial system by bringing the expertise and knowledge of different partners together.

Following B-Hive’s evolution, Fabian Vandenreydt will interrupt his current career at SWIFT to make a full-time commitment to B-Hive by becoming its Executive Chairman.

“I’m really excited about my new role in which I’ll drive a strategic vision for B-Hive and help to grow its membership, stakeholder relationships and its reputation,” said Fabian Vandenreydt.

"Born, raised and educated in Belgium, I always wanted to help reinforce the visibility of my country and of continental Europe as well as promote its talent and expertise at a global level. I’m looking forward to combining this with my passion for technology and innovation.”

Fabian has helped cement Innotribe’s mission, supporting the fintech and banking communities to understand each other and acting as a cultural translator for the digital disruption age. Such understanding has become even more critical over the last few years as fintech, together with banking and insurance, have started to think more in terms of partnership.

The recognition of Innotribe's collaborative efforts - by both the Institutional Investor and Financial News - has contributed to position Fabian as a great innovator within the fintech ecosystem and has allowed SWIFT to be positioned as an important player in the push for innovation within the financial services industry.

“First and foremost I am grateful to the SWIFT Executive in helping to make this move possible. I would not have been selected for this position without the exceptional work of the Innotribe team, who have been fantastic in their efforts the last few years – building our reputation as a true tribe of innovators,” concludes Fabian.

Wim De Waele, CEO of B-Hive, said, “The strengths of B-Hive are the joined forces and partnerships that lead to innovative solutions. Coming from SWIFT, one of our key shareholders, Fabian has been a driving force behind B-Hive from the start. In his new role as our Executive Chairman, Fabian will be able to work even more closely with us to help our platform grow and develop even further.”

About B-Hive
B-Hive - successor of Eggsplore founded by Jurgen Ingels and Wim De Waele - is a Belgian collaborative innovation platform in which 13 major financial players (banks, insurers and market infrastructure players) work together on common innovation challenges and build bridges to the global start-up and scale-up community to:

● Increase the competitiveness and leverage the opportunities offered by the digital
transformation for the financial services industry;
● Build a strong startup and scale-up ecosystem in Belgium, and by extension continental Europe, that exports its products and services;
● Attract foreign smart technology companies to Brussels and have the Belgian capital city act as a hub for, and gateway to, the Eurozone;
● Build bridges to other fintech hubs globally to share expertise and networks;
● Develop common initiatives around cybersecurity, infrastructure, regulation and technologies for the platform economy;
● Enable “seamless fintegration.”

With its headquarters in the Brussels area functioning as a fintech hub and enabling a gateway to and from the Eurozone, B-Hive will establish a global presence to bridge and share expertise and networks. B-Hive has recently set up shop in London and Tel Aviv. Other satellite offices are planned in major hubs such as New York and Singapore.

The investors in the platform are financial institutions AXA, BNP Paribas Fortis, ING, KBC, Belfius, Euroclear, SWIFT, AG Insurance, Baloise Insurance, Allianz, Isabel, BNY Mellon, Mastercard and the Belgian government - by means of the federal investment fund and existing partners from B-Hive, Cresco Law, Ingenico, McKinsey&Company, Proximus and Time.lex.

B-Hive media contact: Emelie Vervecken +32 499 69 71 31 emelie@growth-inc.be