B-Hive at C4 Congress: Brussels as Brazil’s Gateway to Europe

At the forefront of Latin America’s largest startup ecosystem is Brazil, which is fast becoming an international fintech powerhouse. Apart from its strong local entrepreneurial culture, global investors are flocking to Brazil for the huge promise of fintechs in disrupting its highly concentrated banking industry. 

B-Hive – in its mission to build bridges between Europe and America – joins promising Brazilian fintech startups and the top 250 executives of the Brazilian financial industry in São Paulo for the 13th edition of the C4 Congress (Cards, Payment and Credit) on October 4-5. Considered an important meeting point for the payments and credit industry, the C4 Congress highlights the impact of digital transformation in financial services industry and the important role fintechs have to play in this changing landscape.

On the opening day of the conference, B-Hive CEO Wim De Waele will give a keynote speech on “The Fintech Landscape: Building Bridges to Europe.” Brazilian fintech companies looking to explore new business opportunities in the region will find in Brussels a very strong home base to establish its footprints in the Eurozone. Not only is the Belgian capital city located at the very heart of the continent, it is also home to Europe’s largest and most important financial players. 

B-Hive CEO Wim De Waele will also be participating in the jury committee of Fintech Challenge 2017. In this year’s edition, 10 innovative Brazilian fintech startups offering cryptocurrencies, digital banking and payments solutions will be invited for a pitch. The top 3 fintech companies will get a free one-year membership at B-Hive, as well as free office spaces in the B-Hive hub in Brussels for two months and an introductory tour to the major key financial players in Brussels. The winning fintech company will also get an opportunity to pitch at a major B-Hive event. Along with Flanders Investment and Trade, B-Hive will also be organizing matchmaking sessions throughout the conference.

"B-Hive is an excellent partner for the Brazilian companies that want to scale and expand globally through a physical presence in Europe. It is a collaborative innovation platform connecting the dots in digital finance which is supported by all major financial players in Belgium." - Yves Lapere, Economic and Commercial Attaché, Flanders Investment & Trade

Continuing to build on its presence in America, B-Hive will officially launch its US Hub in New York on October 12. More than just a mere incubator or a co-working space, B-Hive New York provides its members and partners with easy access to the European market.

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