Belgian TechForFin Map

By Marília Assis (B-Hive)

In 1569, based in Leuven, Gerardus Mercator created his famous version of the world map, becoming the most famous cartographer worldwide - his maps are still being used today in nautical charts! Impressive, no?

Following the steps of our Flemish cartographer Mercator, we decided to create a TechForFin map of Belgium, aiming to give you an overview of the structure and main activities of the Belgian startups and scale-ups in the country. 


Distinguished from the others, the Belgian TechForFin ecosystem counts on the spirit of collaboration. In Belgium, incumbents are open to receive new ideas and solutions coming from the flourishing fintech startups and scale-ups. Together, they know that they can deliver a better service to the final user. Furthermore, the Belgian government also supports the fintech sector.  Having all the tuned instruments, this singular orchestra is getting ready to play around the world.

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