Apps for Finance Invites CFO’s to Explore New Solutions for Age-Old Problems

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The exponential growth of fintech in the last decade truly makes it impossible to ignore the important role innovation plays in the digital transformation of the financial services industry. Yet, financial institutions are not the only ones that need to rise to the fintech challenge. Every company that deals with cash flow, payroll and sales can certainly benefit from the new technologies available in the market today that automate daily transactions like reporting and accounting.

Recognizing the need for business problems of yesterday to be solved by solutions of today, FDMagazine teams up with B-Hive for the first edition of Apps for Finance. Held in Antwerp on September 26, this one-day event invites six fintech start-ups to pitch their innovative solutions along with real-life customer case studies. While FDMagazine organizes a yearly CFO Conference to bring Belgian CFO’s together to discuss major trends and challenges in finance, this is the first time they’re organizing a conference with fintechs taking the center-stage.

“The goal of this conference is to stimulate innovation among the top 200 Belgian companies by exposing CFO’s and Senior Finance Managers to newer, faster and more agile solutions to solve their age-old problems. Instead of developing workarounds for their existing business processes and legacy systems, they can explore the new possibilities offered by fintech start-ups in improving their operations and boosting productivity.” – Leen Anthuenis, FDMagazine, Director

The six fintech startups invited on stage were carefully selected based on their proven track record in the Belgian and the European market:

  • Silverfin makes it easy for financial service providers – such as accountants and tax agents – to easily generate reports in various formats for different types of users.
  • Unified Post has a complete technology portfolio that covers document processing, identity management, payments and community app stores.
  • Finsight Solutions is focused on transforming financial data into understandable reports. Its prime tool is capable of converting the annual accounts and balance sheets submitted to the National Bank of Belgium into easy-to-read reports in Excel.
  • BrightAnalytics is a management reporting platform that enables customers to centralize and visualize financial data and key metrics from multiple dat sources on a single platform.
  • Cashforce is an innovative Cash & Treasury Management System, focused on automation and integration.
  • iBanFirst is a platform specializing in multi-currency transactions through Banking-As-A-Service (BaaS).

Not only will they be giving their product pitches, they will also be presenting real-life customer cases from Deloitte, Facturis, Xenics, Vivaldis and more. Apart from the pitch presentations, there will also be multiple networking moments that await.

“By bringing CFO’s and the people behind these successful startups together in this one-day event, we hope to inspire collaboration between the traditional business world and the fintech startup world, and foster a problem-solving approach that is driven by innovation.” – Leen Anthuenis, FDMagazine, Director

B-Hive founder Jurgen Ingels will be closing off Apps for Finance with a keynote speech on the future of fintech and his vision on what lies ahead. 

Are you working in finance and keen to discover how innovation is key to solving your business problems?