B-Hive & Roland Berger launch new dashboard

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The B-Lens dashboard provides key metrics about the market attractiveness of Belgium, as well as the progress of its financial services and fintech ecosystems.

BRUSSELS - March 27, 2018 - B-Hive, the collaborative innovation fintech platform that brings together banks, insurers and market infrastructure players to work on common innovation challenges and build bridges to the startup and scale-up community, today announces the launch of B-Lens 2018, in cooperation with Roland Berger, a global strategy consulting firm and associate partner of the B-Hive community.

The dashboard brings together a number of key indicators to illustrate and monitor the evolution of the business environment, the financial services industry and the fintech ecosystem. Some of the fintech-related data has been collected and analyzed by Professor Omar Mohout of Antwerp Management School and expert at Sirris, a Belgian collective center for and by the technological industry.

This dashboard gives the financial services and fintech industries the opportunity to have an aggregated viewpoint of Belgium’s market attractiveness. It is also a yardstick of success against which B-Hive’s programs can further progress, which will in turn have an impact on the dashboard. The dashboard focuses on areas in which the financial services industry is innovating, such as KYC, blockchain, cybersecurity and digitization.

Belgium offers a favorable context to digitization in financial services, yet it can nevertheless further step up its efforts. Furthermore, the world of fintech in Belgium is growing and will continue to need informed policy decisions to move up as an attractive place to invest.

Fabian Vandenreydt, Executive Chairman of B-Hive, said: “B-Hive’s mission is to put the greater Brussels area on the map as a smart gateway into the European market, and this dashboard enables us to have a fuller view of key metrics, which will inform how we can further improve the position of Belgium in the market. We are eager to see how the key metrics progress in the future with Roland Berger.”

Gregoire Tondreau, Managing Partner of Roland Berger, said: “Roland Berger is proud to be a part of this dashboard initiative. We have compiled the data in a way that gives a better overview of the market, and allows B-Hive to further focus on areas of innovation in the financial services and fintech industries. We are happy to officially launch this dashboard, and look forward to continuing our collaboration with B-Hive.”

About B-Hive

B-Hive is a European collaborative innovation fintech platform that brings together major banks, insurers and market infrastructure players. Together, we work on common innovation challenges and build bridges to the startup and scale-up community. We aim to put Brussels on the map as the smart gateway to Europe and leverage on the opportunities offered by the digital transformation for the financial services industry. We believe that building bridges between important fintech hubs and the Eurozone enables both European and non-European companies to grow and expand.

About Roland Berger

Roland Berger, founded in 1967, is a leading global consultancy of European origin. With 2,400 employees working in 50 offices located in 34 countries, we have successful operations in all major international markets. Roland Berger is an independent partnership owned exclusively by 220 partners. The office in Brussels has a broad experience in strategic issues and has been serving top clients from all main sectors. The office combines an in-depth knowledge of the Belgian market with the expertise of the worldwide network of Roland Berger.

About Sirris

Sirris, the collective center of the Belgian technology industry, helps companies with the implementation of technological innovations, enabling them to strengthen their competitive position over the long-term. Sirris helps you make the best technological choice and rapidly turn your innovations into marketable products and services. The Sirris experts visit companies on site, offer technological advice, launch innovation paths, and provide guidance to reach the implementation phase. The aim is to find applicable solutions to the real challenges faced by technology entrepreneurs and startups. Sirris guides technology companies to a higher level of know-how and expertise in a wide range of domains. The in-house experts provide a broad range of technological and go-to-market knowledge. Where necessary, Sirris relies also on external knowledge partners, including specialized companies, universities, knowledge centers, and research institutions.