Dublin Tech Summit 2018 [Recap]

The Dublin Tech Summit 2018 was a great opportunity for B-HIVE to connect the dots in fintech, more specifically in the Irish fintech ecosystem of startups. Even tough DTS is seen as a big conference, it also allowed us to see everything and everyone we wanted. With the presence of a lot of big tech companies, the result was a very active entrepreneurial scene composed by a lot of small tech spinoffs.

One interesting discovery was the messaging integration app Mingo that ingeniously combines all the three following domains: messaging, gaming and cryptocurrency. If we think of the new generation of mobile users, it definitely is an interesting combination for them.

We were highly surprised to see that the audience of DTS18 was composed of 49% women amongst which were students, executives, creative agencies, etc. The women's presence was not only in the crowd, but also on stage. The great diversity of the speakers was resulting from the interesting mix between industries that were showcasing during the event. As the B-HIVE ecosystem is dedicated to fintech, we picked up the 6 most relevant for our community:

  • Fleet: a peer to peer car lending company (insured by Axa)
  • Tenderscout: an tool aggregating open calls and tenders, and providing templates and guidance
  • Linkilaw: legal templates for startups
  • Kontainers: a digital ocean freight platform using big data and machine learning for optimalization
  • MyMoneyplatform: a human-robo advice hybrid for goals based financial planning

    The very early-stage Belgian startup Venclave was also there to showcase their phising simulation tools for SME’s.

If you are interested in the Dublin's business and fintech landscape, you may want to read our new report.