[Recap] Fin and Tonic: Talent


Our latest Fin & Tonic was kindly hosted in the venue of Febelfin Academy and was all about Talent. The war on talent is clearly ongoing and a lot of our members and partners are struggling to attract and maintain the right talent. We were warmly welcomed by the Director of Febelfin Academy. After introducing our new member, we kicked-off this month’s central theme:

Karel Van Eetvelt, CEO at Febelfin, started by setting the scene on the evening’s topic. Some key take-aways of his talk:

- Financial Sector faces a 21000 job loss in the upcoming years due to technology and digitization.
- However, these factors enhance huge opportunities, since studies foresee that 11000 new jobs will be created in the financial sector.
- We have come to the stage where people have to adapt to the technology, which is a major game-changer.

After this introductory keynote, Alban Gaffori, Managing Director at ClearSource took the stage and explained how employer branding can help in making financial institutions attractive again to new talent. His key advice can be considered as follows:

- Introduce your company to potential candidates instead of coming up immediately with the next ‘attractive and fabulous job’.
- Be sexy, but also authentic.
- Results prove to be 8 times more successful when introducing companies through employer branding in the hiring process.

Estel Meyhui, Founder at Effectis continued the insights and shared her expertise in the field of the future of work:

- A workforce will consist only of 30% fixed employees and will be completed by hired and insourced experts (freelancers, other companies).
- The importance of maintaining your company DNA and values and how to make these values come to life.
- Rotational teams and punctual experts are gaining ground. It’s no longer evident that a person will only work for one company.

Raf Seymus, CEO of Excellys shared his expertise in upskilling and reskilling IT professionals in order to make them future-proof and fit for the jobmarket. He founded his company in 2014 but already has some 100 people placed at his clients.

The evening was closed by Ellen Thijs, Business Development Manager at B-Hive, who introduced  the new platform B-Hive is currently building to the audience. The platform can become a major game-changer in the talent pool management and will offer the possibilities listed below:

•  Provide a clear view on the current talent pool & gaps with future workforce planning

•  Gain time and make recruitment & selection process more objective through digitization

•  Facilitate the skill match between demand and offer through a digital marketplace

•  Create added value by transforming job cuts into an opportunity to rebound and organize the workforce mobility & flow.

•  Encourage people to take ownership over their career

•  Offer continuous learning opportunities

Informing organizations and people about skill gaps, future-fit competencies and potential growth opportunities are the key options of the future platform. We are moving to the testing phase now involving students of Capitant and the tool will be officially launched with a live matchmaking event on SuperNova in September.


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