Get to Know the B-Hive Community #3 - Onegini


In our third edition of Get to Know the B-Hive Community, we are happy to introduce you our member, Onegini! See below a short interview with Onegini and discover what makes them a one of a kind fintech.

How long have you been a B-Hive member?

Since 2016!

Onegini in a nutshell

When it comes to Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) software technology, Onegini is the market leader in the Dutch financial sector. Onegini Connect allows you to connect, manage, and engage with your customers while providing top-notch security and a great customer experience. Our customer base includes Aegon, Van Lanschot Bank, Baloise, AON, Univé to retail companies like Coolblue and even the NS (Dutch Railways).

What is Onegini working on right now? What products/services should the industry be aware of?

All of our customers choose Onegini for the same reason; they want an out-of-the-box omnichannel CIAM solution that offers easy & fast implementation, to bring offline customers online and to provide a state-of-the-art and safe journey for processes like identification and authentication. To stay on top of the game, we recently published Onegini Connect 5.0 to delight our financial customers even more.

·      Delegated User Management to leverage your intermediaries

·      Out-of-the-box integration with external identities such as iDIN (Dutch) and ITSME (Belgium)

·      Multibrand, which allows customers to run 1 instance of our software and serve multiple labels

·      The improved insights module now provides a quick customer barometer across all channels

What does the future of Onegini look like?

There is a lot happening out there. Customer expectations will drive the transformation of the digital landscape of insurers and banks. Across business lines. But there are many factors that complicate the transformation: from new (digital only) financial service providers entering the market, increasing legislation such as PSD2 and GDPR, the complexity of managing identities, to the need to improve customer engagement and reduce costs. And that’s a good thing. Onegini Connect offers a solution to all of these factors and more, and I really believe it is becoming the go-to foundation for any identity-aware enterprise.

Onegini’s future looks really bright! We are growing fast, so in 2019 we’re spreading our wings internationally. We will expand our international presence in the EU step by step along the insurance vertical. We plan to open an office in Germany for marketing & sales purposes and focus more on the Belgian market.

A fun fact of you/or Onegini

It's not only all about #CIAM. Colleagues of Onegini using modern technology for justice & fun and developed goal-line technology and instant replay for our own football table. Funny enough, it was by far the most popular LinkedIn post last year. Purchase Onegini Connect and we are happy to add our goal-line technology as well.