Get to Know the B-Hive Community #2 - Polybius

In our second edition of Get to Know the B-Hive Community, we are happy to introduce you our member, Polybius! See below a short interview with Polybius and discover what makes them a one of a kind fintech.

  • How long have you been a B-Hive member?

Polybius has been with B-hive since June 2018.  

  • Polybius in a nutshell

Polybius is a fintech company, that focuses on relieving people from thinking about money.

  • What is Polybius working on right now? What products/services should the industry be aware of?

We are currently creating OSOM - a fully licensed and regulatory recognized open banking service that will change the way people deal with money. At the beginning, OSOM will give it's users a clear view of all of their fiat and crypto assets at once and will enable easy and secure payments. We are on the way to build the last financial app the consumer's will ever need.

  • What does the future of Polybius look like?

Pan European service coverage, connecting tradidional and new economy, active beyond open banking, but also in other financial sectors. 

  • A fun fact about Polybius

In the extremely diverse Polybius team we have people from Belgium, France, UK, Australia, Uzbekistan, Lithuania and Estonia.

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