Get to Know the B-Hive Community #4 - Digiteal

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In our latest edition of Get to Know the B-Hive Community, we are happy to introduce you our member, Digiteal and their Sales Manager Christian Bettendorf! See below a short interview with Digiteal and discover what makes them a one of a kind fintech.

How long have you been a B-Hive member?

  • Happy member since the end of 2016. We are often participating in Belgian and foreign B-Hive events and also recently joined the #trustedfintech program.

Digiteal in a nutshell

  • By making it accessible to secure money in Europe, Digiteal creates trust between a buyer and a seller. By optimizing invoice management and payment, Digiteal avoids the ecological waste of paper invoices and the inconvenience of email invoices. All this allows companies and individuals to have a positive impact on the environment and to spend their time to what is essential.

What is Digiteal working on right now? What products/services should the industry be aware of?

  • We have been promoting for years the use of the EPC standard payment QR code on paper bills and allow B2C organisations to accelerate their digitalization thanks to it. This thematic is becoming stronger every day so we invite them not to miss out on this. It’s good for their customers as for their accounting department!

  • Our trusted payment (B2C, C2C, etc.) is definitely something we’re working on as we solve several problems that often occur in a purchase-sale transaction between parties that don’t know each other. We are just launching a free period for transactions under 100 EUR. Test a Digitrust with a friend ;-)

  • Following our license as payment institution, our fresh TPP license (AIS & PIS) allows us to bring novelties to the market so this will take some time too!

What does the future of Digiteal look like?

  • It looks European and hectic! We are currently selecting foreign partners in order to allow other countries to benefit from our current solutions. In the mid-term, we want to become a major player on the EU e-invoicing market, especially as we pioneering in the PEPPOL standard adapted for the B2C. Becoming a European payment champion is also something we dream of. One step at a time! ;-)

A fun fact of you/or Digiteal

  • The “teal in Digiteal refers to the teal management (Reinventing Organizations by F. Laloux). We strongly believe in this new organizational model and want to prove that a company working in the payment sector can be driven by motivations other than profit! We definitely invite you to read this book.