Get to Know the B-Hive Community #6 -

In this edition of Get to Know the B-Hive Community, we are happy to introduce you our long standing member! See below a short interview with them and discover what makes them a one of a kind fintech.

How long have you been a B-Hive member? has been an active member of B-Hive since the start of the company back in 2016. Our first office was in the same building as B-Hive in Diegem, now we are both based at co.station in Brussels.

A description of is an Intelligent Automation Platform that allows companies to turn documents and emails into actionable data. Our self-learning technology is not programmed with a rule set but learns from examples, using state-of-the-art machine learning techniques. We are working on plenty of use cases in the financial services and insurance industries from email routing to invoice processing, claims process optimization, expense management, etc. with a wide range of companies, from enterprises to fintech startups.

What is working on right now? What products/services should the industry be aware of?

We recently launched a new version of our API that allows to process and automatically recognize and extract more fields from B2B and B2C invoices in the accounts payable use case.'s product can be used for several use cases like invoice processing, email routing, credit disbursement, credit application, claims handling, and many others.

For more details on our use cases, please visit our freshly launched website.

What does the future of look like?

The future of looks bright and challenging at the same time. There is a huge market opportunity, we have the right team and a unique product. But like every start-up, we are faced with common challenges in scaling our company, such as finding the right talent. We are always looking for motivated people to join our team. So if you’re looking for a new challenge, drop us an email and let’s talk!

A fun fact of

We speak as many languages as we have team members: Dutch, French, English, German, Castillan Spanish, Urdu, Panjabi, Mandarin Chinese, Catalan, Kosovar, Polish, Czech, Italian, Turkish and Portuguese.