Jo Van de Velde, Euroclear: Keynote Highlights from the New York launch

Jo Van de Velde, Managing Director - Global Head of Strategy, Product & Innovation at Euroclear, gave a fantastic keynote speech at our New York launch event last month. In case you missed it (or would like a refresher), we wanted to share some of the highlights.

Belgium and B-Hive were center stage in New York on October 12. As Jo explained, “There is such an incredible amount of know-how and talent in Belgium around market infrastructure, payments and cybersecurity,” which is why he was pleased with the creation of B-Hive to put Belgium on the map as a fintech center and as a “home for new ideas.”

He went on to explain that he was also happy to see strong support from the Belgian government, as this created “an opportunity for Belgium to become a true greenhouse for the adoption of new technologies because financial innovation is not only about technology—it also needs to be supported by the right regulatory framework.

Jo also touched on Euroclear’s partnership with B-Hive, explaining that the partnership “[complements] its traditional core business with a more innovative approach. To be ready to face the challenges of our industry: regulation, KYC, AML, cybersecurity, but also to seize opportunities like big data, blockchain, robotics and artificial intelligence,” adding that Euroclear looks forward to B-Hive creating new opportunities for their cooperation with start-ups.

But despite the high praise of Belgium and B-Hive, Jo pointed out that B-Hive shouldn’t become yet another fintech hub.

“With the opening of a New York office, the B-Hive network is becoming truly global. After Brussels, hubs have also been launched in London and Tel Aviv, and now New York. Building bridges between Europe and the Americas is particularly important: we face the same issues, we see the same possibilities, and we serve the same customers, so let's find solutions together!

“…As the world becomes further digitalized and technologies like blockchain kick in, there won’t be such a thing as a leading financial center. It will be a network of connected financial institutions, service providers, and other stakeholders. So, I look forward to B-Hive to help us grow and innovate this network by reaching out and supporting start-ups within the financial industry.”

In closing, Jo reiterated Euroclear’s belief in the strength of Belgium as a global financial center, as well as in the value of having strong connections with the Americas and beyond.

Thank you to Jo and the rest of our speakers and attendees—it was an inspiring night and we look forward to continuing building bridges between the EU and the Americas.

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