B-Hive New York - Fin & Tonic: Cybersecurity Recap

Last week, B-Hive New York hosted a Fin & Tonic on a hot topic in the financial services industry: cybersecurity.

It was a packed house at SWIFT’s New York office in Times Square, as there was great interest in the subject—and this led to several interesting discussions during and after the event (over some gin and tonics, of course).

JF Legault, Director of Cybersecurity at JP Morgan & Chase, shared his insights on the cybersecurity landscape, and he offered several interesting points, including the fact that it’s important to gamify cybersecurity training with people so that they are actively involved in the process. The key takeaway? Security is not a product, it’s a process.

The discussion continued, touching on other related hot topics, such as bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, moderated by Peter Vanham, Global Leadership Fellow at World Economic Forum.

Finally, the audience also had the chance to learn more about some solutions to manage internal and external vulnerabilities from CuttingEdge and DarkTrace.

We would like to extend a special thank you to our partner SWIFT for hosting the event—the space was incredible, and came complete with a view of the Manhattan skyline, from the Chrysler Building to the Empire State Building all the way down to One World Trade Center. It was certainly an inspiring venue for such inspiring discussions.

And while the event is over, it’s certainly worth noting that this is something the financial services industry must face every single day—thank you to those who joined us for this crucial discussion!


Meet all our cybersecurity and identity management startup members:

  • Elimity developed a next-generation access management platform that ensures highly-regulated companies remain compliant throughout the coming years.
  • GuardSquare, the global reference in mobile application protection, developed premium software for the protection of mobile applications against reverse engineering and hacking.
  • Onegini created the first Secure Social Login solution that allows users to create a mobile application with easy to use authentication.
  • SecurIT prides itself of being the market leading systems integrator in the Identity Access Management space in Europe. One of its most popular products is the TrustBuilder® - User Authentication and D-man™.
  • Signaturit offers trust services that guarantee the legal security of all your digital transactions.
  • Signicat is a Digital Identity Service Provider (DISP) and is one of the leading providers of electronic identity and electronic signature solutions in Europe.
  • Sweepatic developed a secure portal that allows its users to gain visibility on their digital footprint and take control.