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A multidisciplinary blockchain approach


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Grant Thornton Spain has created a multidisciplinary Blockchain Team in order to perform research about new use cases, implementing distributed ledgers and cover the following areas: blockchain development, support in law & regulation pertaining to blockchain, economic models as well as consultancy.
Grant Thornton Luxembourg is an active player in the Fintech ecosystem since 2014. In Belgium, Finside Advisers has provided advisory services in the FS sector for the past five years and is also pitching for Blockchain initiatives with a large French banking clien


The Grant Thornton blockchain lab is offering a wide range of services around blockchain to help clients to assess the value of the technology to their business. Services include training, diagnosis of business cases as well as the development of Proof of Concepts and prototypes.
We recently developed KYC-Start, a solution built to decrease the cost of KYC/AML processes by reducing on-boarding time and enabling to create value out of information verified during the process. Customers are registered into the blockchain through a Digital Identity that contains all collected information, and can be later shared with other participants.


  • When addressing blockchain challenges, we believe that not only technological expertise is needed, but also business and content knowledge.

  • Our team has brought together experts in law, economics and technology to develop several concepts and prototypes for many different sectors.

  • Thanks to our knowledge of the financial sector, we investigate how blockchain technology can replace legacy systems or create new business model.

  • Our team draws on insight gained from working with many start-ups in the blockchain ecosystem to see how the technologies can be taken further.

  • Different use cases could be built on the top of our KYC-Start platform, using the digital identity for registering connected objects (IoT), improving different compliance processes (such as FATCA) or building secure e-commerce platforms.


Financial Services Compliance and Regulatory support; AML / KYC Functional and Legal expertise; Cybersecurity; Blockchain Technology; Blockchain Training

Luxembourg, Spain