B-hive Press Releases


ITOne - The LHoFT Foundation and B-Hive Partner to Promote Further the Fintech Industry Across Europe

Summary: As part of the LHoFT delegation at the Paris Fintech Forum held on January 30 & 31 at the former stock exchange in the very heart of Paris in Palais Brongniart, the Luxembourg House of Financial Technology Foundation (LHoFT) is pleased to announce the signature of a new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Belgian Fintech hub B-Hive on Tuesday, 30 January.

Date: 01/02/18


Fintech Finance - The LHoFT Foundation and B-Hive partner

Summary: As part of the LHoFT delegation at the Paris Fintech Forum held on January 30 & 31 at the former stock exchange in the very heart of Paris in Palais Brongniart, the Luxembourg House of Financial Technology Foundation (LHoFT) is pleased to announce the signature of a new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Belgian Fintech hub B-Hive on Tuesday, 30 January. This MoU was signed by Ellen Thijs, VP Business Development of B-Hive and Nasir Zubairi, LHoFT CEO and witnessed by Pierre Gramegna, Luxembourg Finance Minister, as well as Johan Van Overtveldt, Belgian Finance Minister.

Date: 01/02/18


Finextra - Luxembourg and Belgian fintech hubs sign MoU

Summary: As part of the LHoFT delegation at the Paris Fintech Forum held on January 30 & 31 at the former stock exchange in the very heart of Paris in Palais Brongniart, the Luxembourg House of Financial Technology Foundation (LHoFT) is pleased to announce the signature of a new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Belgian Fintech hub B-Hive on Tuesday, 30 January.

Date: 01/02/18


De Tijd - Parijs springplank voor Belgische fintechbedrijven

Summary: Om niet weggeblazen te worden in de mondiale concurrentiestrijd zoeken jonge Belgische bedrijfjes, actief in financiële technologie, steun bij de buren uit Frankrijk en Luxemburg.

Date: 31/01/18


Fintech Finance - Fintech in 2018 – collaborating for the future of fintech

Summary: The innovation we have witnessed in the fintech sector, from areas as diverse as regtech, insurtech and payments, has been one of the most exciting aspects of the financial services ecosystem in 2017.

Date: 31/01/18


Silicon Luxembourg - Luxembourgish and Belgian Fintech Hubs Shoulder To Shoulder

Summary: The first major Fintech event of the year in Europe took place this week in France at the Paris Fintech Forum. Led by the LHoFT Foundation, a delegation of startups and partners, including many key figures of Luxembourg’s financial technology ecosystem, went on the journey. Among the striking moment, the LHoFT Foundation signed a partnership with the Belgian Fintech hub, B-Hive.

Date: 30/01/18


Business Reporter - B-Hive fosters collaboration in financial services industry

Summary: Large financial institutions are recognising more and more the need to innovate in order to be competitive in financial services - especially with digitisation affecting every aspect of the industry. However, rather than attempting to compete against technology companies trying to disrupt this sector, these institutions are moving more towards collaborative efforts.

Date: 08/01/18


La Libre (FR) - De l’impact et un bel avenir pour les "FinTechs" belges

Summary: Le deuxième "FinTech Belgium Summit" s’est tenu à Bruxelles. Même si la Belgique n’a pas été pionnière dans ce nouveau champ de la finance, elle dispose d’atouts. Pour réussir, les "FinTechs" belges doivent viser l’international.

Date: 18/12/17


De Tijd (NL) - Belgische fintech ontgroeit T-shirts en sneakers

Summary: The Fintech Belgium Summit was a successful showing of the fintech ecosystem in Belgium - complete with panels, pitches, speakers and more.

Date: 14/12/17


Media Planet (FR) - Table ronde fintech: les perspectives du marché belge

Summary: La digitalisation remet en question le business model classique des secteurs de la banque et de l’assurance. Surfant sur cette lame de fond, des acteurs orientés technologies - les fintechs - proposent de nouveaux services complémentaires ou concurrents aux acteurs traditionnels.

Date: 12/17


Knack (NL) - ‘De toekomst is verzekerd voor wie blockchain in de vingers heeft’

Summary: Blockchain, tot zeer onlangs uitsluitend bekend bij bitcoin-nerds, is hot. Moeten we ons schrap zetten voor de grootste revolutie sinds de ontwikkeling van het internet? ‘Het zal sneller gaan dan het internet’, voorspellen Vlaamse blockchain-pioniers.

Date: 6/12/17


Trends (NL) - Tel Aviv wordt het centrum van financiële technologie: wat maakt de stad zo uniek?

Summary: In enkele jaren is Tel Aviv uitgegroeid tot een centrum voor start-ups en technologie, met name voor de financiële sector. Wat maakt Israël zo uniek dat zoiets in België niet zou kunnen?

Date: 16/11/17


Global Custodian - The Legends: Fabian Vandenreydt

Summary: One of the faces of innovation in the securities services industry, Fabian Vandenreydt, has recently moved from heading up Innotribe at SWIFT to Brussel’s collaboration platform B-Hive. We spoke with Fabian about his career upon receiving GC Legend status.

Date: Inducted in 2017


Crowdfund Insider - Fintech Collaboration Platform B-Hive Launches Hub in New York City

Summary:Fintech collaboration platform B-Hive recently announced the launch of its hub in New York City. According to B-Hive, the new hub aims to build a bridge between Europe and the Americas. 

Date: 21/10/17


Banking Technology - Interview: Fabian Vandenreydt, B-Hive

Summary: In an exclusive interview with Daily News at SibosFabian Vandenreydt, executive chairman of collaborative innovation platform B-Hive, explains what it’s doing for creativity and how it will form a separate company for scale-ups.

Date: 18/10/17


IBS Intelligence - Sibos 2017: Banks need diversification to handle API strategies

Summary: IBS Intelligence spoke to Fabian Vandenreydt, executive chairman at B-Hive, about the open banking “revolution” that appears to be taking financial instructions by storm. But is this new innovative strategy one coming from the entire bank, or just an eager few technologists?

Date: 16/10/17


Finextra - B-Hive opens in NY

Summary: B-Hive has opened an office in New York, to connect with the local community off financial services firms and startups. The NY platform, developed in collaboration with BNY Mellon, follows similar successful endeavours to build bridges with London and Tel Aviv.

Date: 13/10/17


MondoVisione - B-Hive Launches Presence in New York

Summary: B-Hive, an innovative collaboration platform connecting financial services players and fintech startups & scale-ups, has officially opened the doors of its hub in New York City. 

Date: 13/10/2017


Fintech Finance Magazine - A hive of industry

Summary: Managing Partner and Chief Bridge Officer Philippe Mauchard discusses B-Hive with Fintech Finance and how it's creating a buzz in the financial services sector.

Date: Fintech Finance Summer Issue 2017


De Tijd - Jürgen Engels vervangt Johnny Thijs bij Ghelamco

Summary: The technology entrepreneur Jürgen Ingels, managing partner of B-Hive,  is the first of three new independent directors of the project Ghelamco.

Date: 13/06/2017


Belga -  Silicon Wadi naar Brussel halen

Summary: The Belgian Minister of Finance Johan Van Overtveldt launches B-Hive in Tel Aviv.



De Tijd - Minder papierwerk bij de bank door blockchain

Summary: Some major bank players, including BNP Paribas Fortis, KBC, Belfius and AG, are building a joint platform to facilitate the registration of new customers. It is the first concrete action of B-Hive. It will be named Trust-Hive

Date: 28/06/2017


Knack - Nieuw initiatief Scale-ups.eu moet techbedrijven aan geschikt personeel helpen

Summary: B-Hive launches Scale-ups.eu, an initiative to help grow Fintech companies.

Date: 08/06/17


De Tijd - B-Hive bouwt Brussels testlabo voor datawetgeving

Summary: B-Hive Fintech Platform builds a test room in Brussels that allows companies to experiment with the European data legislation.

Date: 07/06/17


VRT Video - Lloyd's and the B-Hive UK office

Summary: Interview with Wim de Waele, the CEO of B-Hive about the Lloyds moving to Brussels and B-Hive London

Date: 03/05/2017


Finextra -  UK FinTech Delio, the leading white-label platform for private assets, is expanding into the Benelux region in a response to high demand.

Summary: David Newman, co-founder and COO of Delio, said: “We’ve seen a real appetite for our platform in Benelux with demand growing as fast as it is in the UK. As we expand our presence, we want to demonstrate our commitment to service our customers with a local team of experts dedicated to the region. Brussels is also a natural gateway to Europe and has a deep talent pool and infrastructure. This, combined with the fantastic support we have received to date in Belgium, from ING Fintech Village through to B-Hive, makes a Brussels office a logical next step in our ambitious growth strategy.”

Date: 24/04/2017


Finextra - Is Lego building the new way of creating applications in the Financial Services sector?

Summary: Know what exists, find the right library/service/system/API for your problem and find the necessary documentation to quickly understand the component. For the API ecosystem, this mainly consists of knowing the FinTech landscape. This search can be facilitated by fintech communities, like e.g. B-Hive in Belgium.

Date: 07/04/2017


Johan Van Overtveldt Press Release - Lloyds, the world's largest insurance market, is coming to Brussels

Summary: The Belgian Minister Johan Van Overtveldt thanks the team of B-Hive for the efforts made during the moving of Lloyds to Brussels. 

Date: 30/03/2017


Pymnts.com - Tech Center: EU’s capital city grows tech Reputation

Summary: Belgium’s capital city is becoming known for more than just housing major international institutions like EU Parliament, EU Commission and NATO. The region is also home to an active and fast-growing startup scene. 

Date: 10/02/2017


Invest in Brussels - Belgian Government support to fintech startups

Summary: The Belgian Government has in pumped €2 million into‘B-Hive’ fintech platform, which provides networking and know-how exchange facilities to startups.

Date: 25/01/2017


Finextra - Belgium builds fintech bridge to London

Summary: While other major European capitals play to Brexit fears in a bid to steal the UK's leading fintech hub status, Belgium is taking a different approach by seeking to build a mutually supportive bridge between startups across both jurisdictions.

Date: 11/01/2017


Data News - Eggsplore reçoit un soutien gouvernemental et devient B-Hive

Summary: The federal government has allocated € 2 million to make Brussels the center of companies developing new technologies for the financial sector (fintech). To achieve its objective the government will invest in the platform Eggsplore, that will is changing its name to B-Hive. 

Date: 10/01/2017


De Tijd: Belfius stapt in Eggsplore

Summary: Belfius Bank becomes one of the six founding members of Eggsplore

Date: 17/12/2016


Time.Lex - Time.lex wordt een partner van Eggsplore voor de nieuwe financiële technologieën

Summary: Time.lex and Eggsplore join forces to supplement the fintech know how of Eggsplore with the legal expertise of Time.lex on digital technologies, IP and privacy. The combination of both competencies will provide answers to the current digital challenges of the financial industry.

Date: 21/11/2016


Cresco: Cresco – strategic partner of Eggsplore

Summary: Cresco proudly announces its strategic partnership with Eggsplore, a pan-European Fintech initiative for the sharing of knowledge experience, innovations and technology. Eggsplore launched in Brussels with structural partners Cresco, McKinsey, Belfius, BNP Paribas Fortis, Euroclear, ING, KBC, Proximus, SmartVentures and SWIFT.

Date: 03/02/2016


KBC: Eggsplore launches its Brussels hub and announces its first partners

Summary: Eggsplore is opening its Brussels headquarters and launching operations on 28th January 2016 with structural partners Belfius, BNP Paribas Fortis, Cresco, Euroclear, ING, KBC, McKinsey & Company, Proximus and SmartVentures and SWIFT. 

Date: 29/01/2016