Digitization impacts every player in the financial services industry. B-Hive brings together financial services players and technology companies in its network to co-create innovative solutions for the financial services industry. Through our strategic programs, we tackle common innovation challenges together and pave the way for digital transformation in the financial landscape.



Each of B-Hive’s strategic programs tackle a specific challenge in the financial services industry such as cybersecurity, identity management, talent acquisition and business scaling.


Program Portfolio



Key Challenge: Cybersecurity

About the initiative: CyberHive is a unified platform that provides a market place for cyber security startups with distinctive and applicable solutions and access to research, best practices and innovation for our corporate partners, leading to building a mutualized capacity to engage with the most relevant solutions


Key Challenge: Identity Management

About the initiative: TrustHive is a multi-application platform based on distributed ledger technology that empowers private individuals and legal entities to manage their digital identity with financial services providers – such as banks and insurance companies – in a privacy preserving manner


Key Challenge: Business Scaling

About the initiative: ScaleHive, through Scale-ups.eu, provides a global platform that provides easy access to funding, knowledge, talent and support for promising scale-ups. Scale-ups.eu offers new investment opportunities for VC’s and investors as well as new customers, insights and partnerships for business partners



Key Challenge: Digital Skills Gap

About the initiative: TalentHive puts a strong focus on strengthening the talent pool in Europe to ensure today’s talent and current workforce is equipped with the right skills and experience to fulfill their career ambitions and thrive in the digitalization of financial services industry


Key Challenge: Digitization

About the initiative: DigiHive is a series of initiatives with financial services providers aimed at delivering extremely personalized experiences for their customers