Finding the right talent for open positions within the financial services industry is proven to be a challenge. Nevertheless, a lot of people are currently employed or want to be employed within the financial sector. Since most of them don’t have the required skills today or don’t understand the challenges the sector is going through, a clear knowledge and skill gap can be identified. Matchmaking isn’t just about putting supply and demand against each other. It requires more in-depth insights in which skills people bring to the sector and what the incumbents will need of human capital to address the digital and tech challenges of the future.


B-hive aims to put Brussels on the map as a financial center of excellence in talent by putting a strong focus on strengthening the talent pool in Europe to ensure today’s talent and current workforce is equipped with the right skills and experience to thrive the changes of the digitization of Financial Services industry. As part of our TalentHive program, B-hive launches its digital platform bringing the technology to the table as a basis for the matchmaking.

Matching based on the building blocks, known as competences and skills, will allow to define specific actions and processes to have the most optimal effect. TalentBuzz can be described as a digital talent marketplace creating added value in the financial sector by transforming restructuring and job cuts into an opportunity to rebound and facilitate the workforce mobility & flow within a company or within the overall sector. The focus is on maximizing the employability of the impacted people and contribute to the continuous learning experience.

Through career ownership and focus on competencies & skills, we will tap into the hidden talent potential of this pool and make sure that in no time the right person will match the right career opportunity. Thus, thriving the challenges within the Financial sector, from corporate to tech companies. Across all stakeholders.



How does talentbuzz work?

It uses state-of-the-art technology, A.I. technology powerd by Nalantis, to identify competences & skills of this talent pool, to benchmark against a fit for the future profile and to automate matchmaking between talent and opportunities. In addition, the technology can support companies in optimizing their HR processes by assessing the internal talent pool and identifying the skills gap. Through targeted training, the platform will easily make sure the right person fills the right position. 

Talent of today and tomorrow can upload their CV in text or voice & access their ‘Work DNA’ & gain insights on how to move towards their future role. Over summer, one will be able to benchmark against a “future fit profile” and find suitable tests & assessments. Last step will be individual guidance on how to take on their career ownership


A Matchmaking done by an AI

Unknown.png is an AI personality profiling algorithm that predicts the professional attitude of candidates based on their writing style and helps recruiters at corporate companies do the heavy lifting when it comes to better job matching. 


the pilot launch of talentbuzz

We are excited to pilot the TalentBuzz platform at SuperNova festival that will take place from September 27-30 in Antwerp, Belgium. Through this partnership , ambitious talents of today can easily connect with their future employers.

MAY-JUNE 2018: We will invite a large number of talented individuals to upload their CV on the platform. By uploading your CV in the online TalentBuzz platform, in one click you can apply for several job vacancies of the SuperNova exhibitors and pitching scale-ups.

JULY-AUGUST 2018: Individuals that have uploaded their CVs on the platform will receive feedback on their profile and an overview of their Work DNA &  feedback on their Fitness for the Future. In addition, the platform will allow them to take extra tests and assessment to complete their profile. Tech companies participating at SuperNova will start uploading career opportunities.

SEPTEMBER 2018: Matchmaking results will be communicated. Job seekers with a 75% match-to-job are invited to drop by at the SuperNova Tech Fair on September 27-28 to meet the companies in person and have a job interview right on the spot! These will be personal and pre-arranged meetings to make sure we have the right person on the job. When there is no immediate match, the TalentBuzz platform will identify opportunities for future jobs and learnings and invite this unique talent to discuss possible trainings, coaching and next steps.


Join TalentBuzz now. Find out & see how you can be the driver of your own career. Let's meet up at SuperNova !


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