Our mission

B-Hive aims to build a strong international ecosystem of technologies for financial services (“TechForFin”) where expertise, networking, resources and technology can be shared. Together with our partners (leading banks, insurers and market infrastructures), we pursue the mission of supporting our members in their efforts to deal with the impact of digital technology on the financial landscape. We believe that building bridges between important fintech hubs and the Eurozone enables both European and non-European companies to grow and expand.




Israel is home to an important and fast-growing TechForFin sector that benefits from a deep-rooted entrepreneurial culture. Our B-Hive Israel hub aims to build bridges between Israeli technologies and the Eurozone market. On the one hand, we provide our Israeli members with a base at the very heart of the Eurozone along with a large community that shares its expertise and network.

Israeli companies willing to land and expand in Europe can find in B-Hive a strong supporting hand providing both support and guidance through the help of numerous partners ranging from traditional financial actors to dynamic startups, scale-ups and the government. On the other hand, we help our European corporate partners find the technologies that suit them in Israel.




B-Hive goes beyond a mere incubator or a co-working space. It provides its members and partners with firm expertise and networking from a large community  with an access to market, funding and government. In order to do so, B-Hive believes three elements are key to the way we organize our activities and support to members: discovery, connection and obviously helping them grow. 




B-Hive Tel Aviv hosts meetups to give scale-ups and corporates the chance to network and learn more about specific topics they are facing in the industry. As our members describe it, the meetups and subsequent events offer them opportunities with a company they would not have heard of otherwise, unique access to the right decision makers that would have taken them a lot of time to identify, let alone access, the chance to compress time from first contact to concrete action and a very nice, highly recommendable interaction environment. Get a glimpse of one our events below.


When an entrepreneur in Israel, a young CEO, is looking for his first customers, there is a fantastic connection between Israel and the US. So it’s always easy to go there because others have done it before. This is often the wrong thing to do. The right thing to do is to go to a bank or an insurance company in Europe. You have to go against the trend.
— David Schapiro, former CEO, Earnix
The real challenge for a startup is to get the approval from a bank or an insurance company. This is actually the critical factor in doing business. This is why cooperation like what we are doing with B-Hive is bridging the gap: bringing the startups closer to the decision makers.
— Danny Kalish, CTO and co-founder, Idomoo

ARTICLES & reports

Belga -  Silicon Wadi naar Brussel halen

Summary: The Belgian Minister of Finance Johan Van Overtveldt launches B-Hive in Tel Aviv. 



Pymnts.com - Tech Center: EU’s capital city grows tech Reputation

Summary: Belgium’s capital city is becoming known for more than just housing major international institutions like EU Parliament, EU Commission and NATO. The region is also home to an active and fast-growing startup scene. 

Date: 10/02/2017


Data News - Eggsplore reçoit un soutien gouvernemental et devient B-Hive

Summary: The federal government has allocated € 2 million to make Brussels the center of companies developing new technologies for the financial sector (fintech). To achieve its objective the government will invest in the platform Eggsplore, that will is changing its name to B-Hive. 

Date: 10/01/2017